The  Bonbon Lakay Fund by Bonbon Lakay Inc.

As we embarked on the new decade four months ago (it feels like a lifetime ago), we at Bonbon Lakay Inc established several goals for the company. These goals all had one common denominator: to better serve the Haitian community at home and abroad. Being of service to entrepreneurial initiatives in Haiti and supporting Haitian businesses in the United States has been a priority for us from the outset of launching

To make good on that promise, we are creating The Bonbon Fund. We would be naive if we said we could do this off the strength of Bonbon Lakay sales alone. We need your support in raising money to help us donate to entrepreneurs at home in Haiti and Haitian entrepreneurs here in the United States. Those donations will be the fuel entrepreneurs need to continue to serve their communities.

Once we've raised a minimum of $12,000, starting with the month of August we will start donating up a total of $1,000 per month, in $500 increments. Anyone who has ever created a small business will tell you a $500 investment goes a long way!  

With your help, we want The Bonbon Fund to become an available resource for Haitian entrepreneurs year-round.

If you are a company that would like to donate to this fund or provide a matching incentive, please email us at

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