During an annual trip to Haiti in 2018, Founder Edgina Désormeaux came to the realization, the traditional treats she grew up on were not as readily available nor as popular as they once were. The machanns(creole for street vendors) had replaced what was once piles of tablet pistache, douce cocoye and bonbon amidon with packaged cookies and candies imported from other countries. 

After returning home to the US, she spent the Summer of 2018 researching ways to help the culture live on. 

Bonbon Lakay, which translates into treats or cookies from home, was then founded with the purpose of making a little piece of Haiti available to foodies, Haitian culture enthusiasts, and Haitian diaspora everywhere. 

The ultimate goal is for all the products featured to be made in Haiti using Haitian ingredients, leading to job creation and wealth in Haiti. Currently, some of the products featured are made in the US exclusively for Bonbon Lakay subscribers in small batches by bakeries that uphold and value their Haitian heritage.