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What is Langue de Boeuf? Is There Beef in It?

What is Langue de Boeuf? Is There Beef in It?

Langue de Boeuf Pastry

No. For one, it is one of the most asked about items on the site. This buttery, flaky bliss of goodness of a pastry is named after a cow’s tongue. It’s a thin layer of dough, with one side covered in melted candied sugar and the other side in sugar crystals. Once the buttery dough bakes, it has a bubbly spotted pattern resembling a cow’s tongue. 

Growing up in Haiti any day that I got to eat langue de beouf was a great day! My mom’s friends would often bring us langue boeuf and Mille Fuille whenever they’d visit us. While I’ve only seen langue beouf in Haiti, it’s of French origin. Mille Fuille, stacked thin layers of pastry, cream, white icing and chocolate, commonly found in French and Italian bakeries in the US and Europe. I wonder why more bakeries are not making langue beouf...nonetheless that’s one of the reasons it’s now available here on Place your orders now.

You will love this treat if you love cronuts, croissants, elephant ears or pain au raisin. 


Christopher Ryan

Hey! My family’s been making langue de boeufs for generations. We’re Cajun from south Louisiana. I know of a few other old louisiana families around here that make it as well. It’s cool to find out they make it in Haiti as well! I always wondered if this was just a Cajun thing.

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