• Watch YouTuber and Haitian Entrepreneur Chris Jeanty Unbox Bonbon Lakay Treats!

    We had a great opportunity to connect with Chris and send him some treats! This was not a paid or scripted collaboration! So we're incredibly flattered by his great review. We hope you'll find his unboxing video helpful.

    "We are getting a chance to unbox Bonbon Lakay, a bakery delivery service that brings your favorite Haitian comfort sweets and treats right to your door step. Never again go without because of living in areas where no bakery is present. All products featured use Haiti sourced ingredients and true to recipes true to tradition."

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  • Our Haitian Heritage Month Sugar Hill Creamery Collaboration

    This month we partnered with husband & wife owned Sugar Hill Creamery in Harlem to bring our NYC customers a limited edition ice cream “La Révolution”.
  • The Story Behind Our Haitian Rhum Cakes, Baked with Love

    With every cake made, someone always without fail suggested I open a bakery, or take cake orders. And I would take an order here and there, but never pursued baking as a profession, and never saw my cakes as a viable business. Not because I didn’t believe in myself or my cakes, but because they were always such a labor of love. If I take the time to bake you a cake, it’s because I love you. You’re special to me so I am offering you something that is special to me. I could never start selling my love.  By Father's Day 2019 you will be able to buy our Haitian rhum cake here on our website.