Bonbon Lakay December Featured Product: Decadent Dous Makos


It's official, we've launched! Our December box is now available to order and includes three delicious treats. One of our star products is dous makos, commonly spelled douce macos, or macoss. 

The holy grail of Haitian sweets, dous makos, pronounced "doos - mackauhs" is a scrumptious vanilla milk fudge. The recipe is said to have been created in the 1930s by Belgian Entrepreneur Fernand Macos, who set up shop in Petit-Gôave, Haiti. Since 1939, the dous makos recipe has been adopted by various sellers and families.One family who has also long been associated with dous makos is LaBarre.  Fernand LaBarre née Norélia Jérôme started working for Mrs. Macos in 1930s to make and sell the product. It's been said that she had her own recipe prior to working with the Macos family and started making this delicious fudge at the age of 15.    

In our search to bring you the best products, we were fortunate to connect with the   LaBarre family who worked for and sold dous makos for the Makos family. Eighty years later, they have continued the tradition using the same recipe. We are lucky to be able to collaborate with them and bring this delicious fudge to you. In addition to the December box, a limited number of dous makos bars will be available for sale in the Featured Product section of

Serving Ideas

Traditionally enjoyed alone in small chunks (Or the whole bar in one sitting. We won't tell.)

The texture makes a great topping crumbled on top of cake or ice cream...or both at once.

 Dous Makos Bonbon Lakay- Petit-Goave Haiti

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